Sophisticated design • Studies have shown that consumers have more and more an eye for design and beauty. We put the finishing touches to your windows with sophisticated design and a range of additional features.

Durable, reliable operational for many years to come • The quality and functionality are at the top of every window buyer’s list of priorities.

Energy-saving features and tight sealing • Tight sealing is essential for any window. We want to raise window buyers’ awareness of the energy they can save by using specific ventilation features.

Security against uninvited guests • Window-buyers are still not familiar enough with those elements which can resist break-ins. Maco Multi-Matic offers your customers various types of security.



Tilting slide espagnolette (KS) • The tilting movement is possible through the tilting slide and the tilt and turn closing piece.

The i.S. roller security system makes the window tighter and safer to burglary.

Standard closing rollers: A system that ensures a very good sealing of the window.


Secondary sash espagnolette for tilting slide (KS)3 • For easy operation of the secondary leaf.


For years Maco has been the only fitting manufacturer to produce tilt-turn drive gears with a fixed safeguard against faulty control. Now the sash lifter has been improved even further.


Sash lifter

• Prevents mishandling / incorrect operation

• Lifts the leaf into the correct position

• Adjusts the position of the leaf

Door snapper for balcony doors. Reduced wear as the door snapper is not active when in the tilt position. The individual height is adjustable.

Save energy by the scissor with economic ventilation. Additional tilt setting as “economic ventilation”

• Function entirely in the scissor – no additional part • When switching to the tilt setting, the sash stands out approx. 10-13mm at 45 degrees, according to the size • Easy to operate

• An anti-slam device fixed into the tilt setting • Large opening for the scissor (at least 21mm), even with narrow windows • Just right for those months when the outside temperature never falls below 0° C. The ventilation setting is not affected by draughts or wind.

Comfortable and secure

French casement – it opens from the central area of the sash, by manipulating a lever without effort.





















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