When it comes to component parts of windows and doors with thermopan windows that are prone to damage, the gasket or the gasket occupies an important place. The role of the gaskets is to seal and isolate the edges and corners of the window or door, but wear becomes time consuming and requires replacement.

What are the reasons why replacements or lugs need to be replaced? Although many believe that the gaskets are made to withstand the same period as the windows, this is by no means true. The reasons for this are different:

The seal becomes aging due to long use.
Maintenance and cleaning is not done in a timely and correct manner.
Improper use of windows and doors with double glazing, scratching, etc.

Sealing gaskets are designed to withstand for up to 5 years under normal conditions of use, with hot summers and hot winters. After this period, the gaskets begin to lose their elasticity and fail to properly isolate them from the thermal or sound point of view.

How do you realize that the thermopan gasket needs to be replaced?

You do not need to be an expert in the field to realize that the gasket does not seal properly. If the outside noises are more disturbing than when you first installed the thermopanes, if you feel air streams at the edge of the closed windows or if the rainwater penetrates into the heel and even inside, then it is clear that the gasket wear, requiring their replacement.

If the “above mentioned” symptoms are insensible, but you still suspect that the seal is worn out, you can do a very simple test: insert an A4 sheet on the window box, close the window and then try to remove the sheet. If it comes out easily, it is clear that the gasket has been damaged and that it does not seal properly.

When the gasket no longer fits perfectly on the contact surface with the profile, it will create those voids that allow the passage of air, water, or sounds. What can you do in such a situation?

Clearly, replacement of the thermopan gasket can only be done if you have experience in the field. In order not to risk irreparably damage or even affect the profile of the window, we recommend you to use specialized personnel. Contact the company who installed your carpentry or a PVC window and PVC door service in the area you live in and request replacement of the gasket.

How can you prevent premature wear of the thermopan gasket?

Prevention is much more effective than repairs, and this also applies to the maintenance of the Thermopan gasket. To delay as much as possible damage to the gasket, we recommend the following:

Make sure that the windows with thermo-insulating glass that you mount at home are of the highest quality, in all respects, including the gasket.
Ensure proper seals. For this you will need a special solution that will periodically erase the gasket to maintain its elasticity and protect it from external factors. Avoid using potentially corrosive cleaning products, detergents or abrasive cleaners – they will do nothing but weaken the gasket.
Keep the windows clean! Dust accumulations, abrasive particles and other substances can affect the gasket in time, therefore window cleaning should be maintained constant, including the inner parts, the heels, the contact surface of the window with the profile, joints and mechanisms closing / opening etc.

Even if you maintain the windows properly and you will only call for professionals for checks, adjustments and eventual repairs, the gasket will still have to be replaced. If you have come to such a situation, you can contact our specialists using the data on the site.

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