As winter is increasingly frosty and the summer increasingly hot, there comes a time when the windows of your house must be changed to ensure more comfort and to save money on heating bills. We cannot forget the dust, becoming more and more meddling, or the omnipresent noise in cities.

Whatever the reason, the modern solution is now the acoustic and thermal insulation. The thermo-insulating feature of the windows is given not only by the glass but also by several other elements: profiles set of gaskets and closing systems.

Steps before choosing a window:
– contact an authorized GEALAN partner. An authorized partner meets the technical standards of execution and assembly and uses GEALAN recommended machines, ensuring the quality of the delivered products;
– sign a contract of sale to benefit from the warranty and post warranty services;
– contact a company that has a quality management system and applies the CE mark;
– allow performing measurements because when installing a window will be taken into account a number of specific dimensions.

An incorrectly installed window halves its insulation and sealing performances. Therefore, the installation must be performed properly by a specialized company.
– don’t surrender yourself by temptations like: “the neighbor from across the street from the fifth floor who was a carpenter”, “master knows everything” or other handicraftsmen;
– it is not a solution to try to install them yourself, because there are required special tools and a number of specific knowledge to ensure a correct assembly;
– do not overlap the replacement of windows with interior design works like installing the floor tiles/faiences, interior painting, because in this way the condensation will be favored;
– first let the moisture of the walls appeared as a result of these works to eliminate and then turn to the installation of windows with insulating glass;
– do not accept additional cracks in the wall, they can change the façade of the building and influence the wall’s strength if it is a resistance wall;
– in the case of new buildings, the windows can be installed when the buildings are partly finished;
– the protection foil of PVC profiles will be removed only after accomplishing the walls’ finishing, but not later than 20 days after installation.

Please follow the installation steps carefully:
– the windows are fixed in the masonry using bolts and special elements of fixation in the masonry, these vary according to the type of material (brick, concrete, AAC – autoclaved aerated concrete) the wall it is made;
– the locking mechanisms are adjusted to ensure the functionality of the windows;
– the space between the window frame and the wall it is sealed with polyurethane foam. The foam has only the role of insulation and not of fixing.
– do not open the windows in less than two hours after the foam insulation;
– the masonry repair works around the windows and doors in the interior and exterior part is mandatory; this is done after at least 48 hours after sealing with foam;
– the excess foam is not removed before repairing masonry because it can become permeable to water;
– waterproofing materials (not plaster) will be used on the outside;
– the drainage slots located in the outer window casement will not be covered.

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